Our Story

Cream of the Crop is the Sports Talent Management division of Cream Communications, a marketing and creative services agency established in Sydney since 2001. We have been successfully creating strategic partnerships between sporting talent and brands for over a decade, and we have extended our expertise to sports talent management.

Our goal is to support and guide the journey to success for talented individuals in Sport, with a focus on AFL, Netball and Cricket (Paul Carvosso is an Accredited Player Agent with the AFL and ACA). We understand the demands of elite sport, and are well positioned to build relationships, source career opportunities, and negotiate optimal contracts, enabling our athletes to focus on their sport and perform at their best.

The Cream team take an individual approach to talent management, encouraging and mentoring our athletes to identify their goals, and the best pathway to maximize their potential and achieve their desired results.

We are skilled in personal branding, networked in sponsorship opportunities, and resourced in managing the needs of our athletes. We understand that perception is reality, and we strive to ensure that the perception of our athletes is strong on brand desirability both professionally and publicly.

Our Talent Management Services

  • Contract Strategy and Negotiation
  • Career Guidance, Learning and Development, Mentoring
  • Welfare and Wellbeing Support
  • Finance, Accounting and Investment Guidance
  • Personal Branding
  • Sponsorship Management



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